Monday, May 28, 2012


Lately I've felt like we slowed down...a little bit is fine, but I've been feeling like we've slowed down too much. Ack!  I don't want to be like that!  So, right here, right now I'm going over what we've accomplished so far, which includes things that directly link to the adoption as well as things that indirectly link to it.

What we have ACCOMPLISHED:
  1. Orientation classes
  2. Home Study classes
  3. Turned in MOST of our paperwork
  4. Profile books - created, ordered and in our hot little hands
  5. Finger printing
  6. Background checks
  7. Prepare & Enrich online marriage assessment
  8. Not necessary, but still important (and fun) purchased the crib & mattress - which is in and waiting to be picked up at the store!
  9. Organizing/cleaning (still some to go)
  10. Porch power washed and stained (looks fab!)
  11. Nursery design has been decided (gray, white & yellow with black furniture --- chevron pattern is the main look).  I will be ordering the fabric for our homemade by grandma (my mom) bedding THIS week before my coupon expires! Yay!

What we need TO DO:
  1. Minimal paperwork - 3 pages that need to be done as a couple, 4 pages that are for Rob to complete, 1 page that needs to be signed & notarized (which we'll have our sister-in-law notarize)
  2. Physicals for both of us
  3. Profile video
  4. Home study
This weekend we've done a little more organizing/cleaning and I finished up any paperwork that I was able to do on my own.

As I mentioned above, we ordered our crib & mattress a couple weeks ago and I received notice that it is in and ready to be picked up! We will be doing that this week.  We'll also be setting up appointments for physicals (which I'm dreading).

(sigh) Ok, I guess we're not doing soooo bad after all.....

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  1. Awwww it's ok :) Remember my slump - bothered me but totally normal. You have A LOT done seriously - and it's darn hard work to have a kid this way. Just keep crossing things off your list and before you know it you'll be celebrating Circulation. <3 :)