Friday, May 4, 2012


Well the crib bedding contest ended on Wednesday night.  Then bright and early on Thursday morning I received an email from the folks at Carousel Bedding saying that I did NOT win. Boo, hiss!!  So it's back to the drawing board, sort of.

For the losers, that's me, we got a discount code for $10 off of a future purchase (that must be used by the beginning of June!) and we're guaranteed free shipping.  I WILL be taking advantage of the discount, but not to order custom made bedding.  It's too expensive from them.  Or maybe I'm just cheap?  They do have really nice stuff, and you are paying for someone to custom make what you design - but my own mother is very talented in the sewing arena, so why not utilize her skills to make something that will be even more fabulous because it will be made with love by GRANDMA?!

You may remember that I ordered fabric swatches a couple weeks ago, and the fabric seems to be of great quality and is a very reasonable price.  So, we'll use the discount codes to purchase the fabric that we need and we'll have our custom made bedding and we'll be proud!!  And I will post updates along the way...

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