Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Not trying to get ahead of myself, but not wanting to drag my feet too much.  I know we have quite a bit still left to do before we're considered "active" in the adoption world, and a wait that could span a couple years,  but we have to get things ready...you can't put off planning forever!  A girl needs to do a little shopping, right?!

So, I'm still pinning baby ideas to my "Baby" board on Pinterest and entering giveaways trying to win baby gear.  So tonight, while entering a Pottery Barn Kids giveaway on Project Nursery, I came across a website that sells crib bedding (among other things) where you can browse/buy already put together designs or use their nifty nursery designer to create a virtual picture of custom bedding you create.  The site is Carousel Designs and I can't even tell you how long I stayed on that site!

I'm still really leaning towards the gray/yellow/white color scheme, with black furniture thrown in the mix.  But, recently (on Project Nursery) I found another nursery design that still involves gray, but instead of yellows and whites, it had bright aqua blue, orange, and green with the chevron pattern that I so love.  It was adorable, and different.  But tonight while playing around on Carousel Designs, I created and saved several gray, yellow and white bedding options.  So, I bit the bullet and ordered fabric swatches, seven to be exact.  At only $.50 a swatch, how could you go wrong?!

Here are a couple of the designs I created:

Just a little fun to throw in the mix....wouldn't want this blog to get boring now, would we?! ;)


  1. I've loved Carousel Designs for awhile now! That's where our orig bedding I wanted came from. Got the swatches and loved it even more! The price is what's killing me - still may order 1 piece from the set but I can confidently say you've got great taste! ;)

    1. I know, they are kind of pricey. :( I was talking to my mom about it today though, and I think what we'll end up doing is ordering the fabric from Carousel Designs and then my mom will actually make all the crib bedding. Their fabric prices aren't bad at all, but I'll still check to see if I can get the same fabric somewhere else cheaper. Aaah, so thankful for a mom that knows how to sew (I used to, but haven't in YEARS).