Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Something fun arrived in the mail today! The bedding fabric samples I ordered!  I put them on my small bulletin board, along with my "To-Do List".  More things will be added to the board as time goes on, most likely.


  1. You just have such fabulous taste! :) Did you enter their $500 giftcard contest?

  2. Yes, I did enter the contest! Did you? It's so fun to play around with their design stuff! I really like the gray/yellow/white/black combo, but it's so popular right now...but then again, it would be in my house so it's not like I'm going out in public wearing the same thing as everyone else. LOL!!

  3. Yep :) There are so many cute ideas. Yeah I said f it and went with it - it's just an easy color palette for gender neutral and it will grow with the baby. Do what you love! It's very classic.