Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The checklist

Let the whirlwind begin!  Our first of two orientation classes begins tomorrow night.  How am I feeling?  Nervous. Excited. Happy. Scared.  A lot of feelings are running through my veins!

We have a checklist of things that we need to bring with us tomorrow night. I've just about got them all ready and in a folder:

  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • First page of most recent US 1040 tax form
  • Proof of pet inoculations
  • Proof of life insurance
  • Photo of the two of us
  • Check for payment of orientation classes

We had to scramble to get a photo of the two of us together.  I'm not one for being in FRONT of the camera, since I'm an aspiring photographer, I'd much rather be TAKING the the last decent photo of the two of us together was (gasp) 5 years ago?!   So, mom came over during Rob's dinner break to take a couple quick snapshots.  I just uploaded them to (another taboo thing for this photographer), and Rob will be picking them up tomorrow afternoon!  I know you're, I won't keep you in suspense any's the dang the photo! Say cheese!!

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