Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Paperwork and other ramblings

Happy Halloween! Can I first start off by rambling a bit? Ok thanks, don't mind if I do... LOL! From time to time I go through phases where I dislike our house, tonight is one of them. I'm whining, but...I wanna live on a street that is BUSY with trick-or-treaters! We had more visitors this year than in the recent years (I think we have 18), but not near as many as I wish we had. Yes, I realize buying a bunch of candy for a boat load of trick-or-treaters would be expensive...but I don't care...I love to see all the little kids dressed up, love to see their faces as they get candy, I would love to be able to where a costume myself when answering the door....  Our street stinks!! We're on the end of a street that is not very well lit...and all the houses around us were NOT participating in the poopers! What's not to like about kids? Kids all dressed up in cute costumes, totally excited and having fun?! Why wouldn't any sane person WANT trick-or-treaters?! Unless you don't like kids...???  Weirdos!!!

Anyway, enough of that nonsense!

So...adoption news? Not much...  But we did FINALLY turn all of our paperwork in! We haven't heard anything as a result of that I'm starting to worry about whether they received the paperwork or not...I'll give it a day or two, then I'll send off an email to be sure. Although our adoption case worker is retiring soon...maybe at the end of this week? I don't know for sure the date of her retirement because my crazy husband threw the letter away! Gggrrrr!!! So, hopefully I can figure out who to contact....

Well, that is all. Rambling, crazy, stupid post!


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