Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Classes ~ DONE!

Today was day 2 of the Home Study class.....which also marks the end of our classes!  The morning portion of the class was long, difficult and...slightly boring.  We each shared about our journey towards adoption, whether that journey took us through infertility, just a desire to adopt, or maybe another path.  There were some sad stories...but it was interesting to hear how others in our group had reached this point.

We all went to lunch together at Avanti's, which is close by and easy to get in and out of in a timely manner.  Lunch was fun and gave us another chance to get to know everyone.  I felt horrible when we got back to class to find out that the reason one of the couples didn't join us is because they didn't know where Avanti's was and they got separated from the group when we hit a red light!!

After we got back from lunch, we went into more interesting topics.  The birth mom counselor joined us to share information from that perspective and to answer any questions that we had.  After that, we discussed a couple other things and then went on to what I considered the most interesting topic of the day - creating our portfolios (which will be in the form of a book and a video).  We watched 2 videos that were made by adoptive couples and looked through numerous profile books to get ideas.

Since this was our last class, it was our last time with the group of couples that we've been through this journey (to this point) with.  At the end of class, we exchanged contact information with everyone.  And, we're planning to connect via Facebook.  Hopefully that will work out because I'd love to touch base and see how everyone is doing along the way!

Our folder from today's class is thick (the thickest one we've received so far!) and we've got more paperwork to sort through.  We should soon receive more information from our case worker regarding what else needs to be done (and how to go about that), I do know that we'll need to do fingerprinting, physicals, and get our house in shape and ready for the actual home study. I'm hoping that we can get moving on this quickly, as I'd like to get as much done before June as we can since summer is very busy for both us.

I'll keep updating as often as I can, so check back frequently!



  1. I'm here everyday for you :) So happy you guys are going through this. I just know we'll have little ones together. :)

    1. It's exciting! And I hope we do have little ones at the same time!!